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Little Bit Chapter 5

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Positive Plays Wins Games“Is today the big day?” inquired Mom. “It sure is” shouted Little-Bit as he threw his school books down and ran to his room to change.“Are you excited?” “Totally stoked Mom. I have been practicing all week and I can’t wait to get to the courts to show the guys how much of a Baller I am.”“You ...

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Little-Bit Chapter 4

Little-Bit, 3 Easy Steps Shooting Technique

Little-Bit really embraced the 3 Easy Steps basketball shooting technique. After Johnny taught it to him he soon discovered that he could practice the shooting technique without a ball or a basket.He could do all the Steps in his bedroom and didn’t have to worry about the low ceilings or breaking any lamps. Every day before school Little-Bit goes through ...

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Little-Bit Chapter 3

Little-Bit basketball shooting, chapter 3

With the help of his Mom, Little-Bit had been working on his weak hand by doing normal stuff he did with his right hand he now does with his left hand. It wasn’t easy retraining his brain but he knew that if he kept working at it every day he would eventually get it. Or would he?Little-Bit was like most ...

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Little-Bit Chapter 2

Little bit chapter 2

Little-Bit didn’t like not knowing the secret behind the V dribbling drill but he put that aside and worked on his ball handling every day. Johnny told him he would tell him if he did the drill for a week and Little-Bit was going to hold him to it.Little-Bit was thrilled to have a basketball drill to work on and ...

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How to Develop a Winning Program

Pete Jacobson

By: Pete Jacobson I’ve been a varsity high school coach for 15 years and I’ll be the first to tell you: when I first started coaching my teams stunk. Like, couldn’t-win-a-game bad. We suffered from the “perfect storm” of bad circumstances: a new coach low numbers poor skills lack of commitment It was bad. So what do you do as ...

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